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Association Concert International


AAVA MOBILE, nouveau membre de CONCERT International

We are a team of professionals that started our own platform and product development in early 2000 for all Tier 1 Mobile Phone OEM’s.

We quickly became the biggest ODM in Europe for mobile devices, located in Oulu, Finland. In 2009 we founded AAVA Mobile with a focus on open OS smartphones and handhelds. Our Company name, AAVA Mobile (AAVA is Finnish for “open”), represents this product philosophy. In recent years, we have brought our smartphone skills to the purpose-build tablet and handheld market.

Today we offer tablets and handhelds for semi-professional and professional markets. Our offering includes customer-specific tablet and handheld developments as well AAVA roadmap products for various vertical markets. We work with our partners and customers to address their specific needs for vertical market devices.

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